How To Put Pins On a Backpack: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Put Pins on a Backpack? To begin, make sure your backpack is clean and dry. If your bag is already dirty, use a damp cloth to wipe it down. Make sure to dry it completely before adding your pins.

Next, decide on where you would like to place your pins. Avoid putting them in tense or strained areas. Doing so may cause them to come off.

Place items in a visible location. Consider the front or sides of the backpack. This will make them easier to see.

Choose a spot. Take a piece of cardboard or thick paper. Place it behind the fabric of your backpack. Using pins can puncture or tear the material, so this will help protect it.

Now, you can begin adding your pins. Push the pin through the fabric and cardboard and secure it with the back clasp. Repeat this process for each pin you have.

Finally, check to make sure all your pins are secure. If any pins feel loose, add glue on the back to help keep them in place.

And that’s it! This comprehensive guide lets you know how to add pins to your backpack. Have fun creating a unique look that reflects your style and personality.

Why Add Pins to Your Backpack?

Pins have become increasingly popular accessories for backpacks, and good reason. They offer a simple yet effective way to customize your backpack, making it stand out.

Pins are a great way to express your hobbies and passions. Whether you’re a pop culture fan, love to travel, or are into art, pins can help you show it off. They allow you to create a visual narrative on your backpack, telling your story without uttering a word.

How To Put Pins On a Backpack

Adding pins to a backpack is a great way to personalize and customize it according to your style and interests. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to put pins on a backpack.

Find the desired location on your backpack. Secure the pin through the fabric. Fasten it tightly to showcase your unique style.

How Do You Put Pins On a Backpack Without Ruining It?

To put pins on a backpack without causing any damage, follow these steps:

Choose the Right Backpack:

Opt for a sturdy backpack made of durable materials that can withstand pinning without tearing or fraying.


Select an area on your backpack to attach the pins. It could be the front, sides, or even the shoulder straps. Remember, different positions can create different visual effects.

Prepare the Surface: 

Clean the area where you plan to attach the pins using a mild soap solution or a damp cloth. This helps remove dirt or debris, allowing the pins to adhere better.

Attach the Pins: 

Gently push the pin through the desired spot on the backpack, ensuring it goes through the fabric without any resistance. Secure the pin at the back using a butterfly clasp or a rubber stopper to prevent it from moving around.

Spread the Weight: 

Distribute the pins evenly across the backpack to prevent strain on a single area. This helps maintain the backpack’s integrity and reduces the risk of damage.

Do Pins Damage Your Backpack?

When you use pins correctly and attach them to a suitable backpack, they will not cause significant damage. Pinning and unpinning in the same spot often can make small holes or harm over time. To lower risk, follow steps and avoid putting too many pins in one spot.

How Do You Stick a Pin?

To stick a pin effectively, follow these simple steps:

  • Hold the pin upright with the design facing up.
  • Identify the desired spot on your backpack and gently push the pin through the fabric.
  • Make sure the pin goes in easily, but be careful not to push too much and harm the backpack.
  • Secure the pin at the back using a butterfly clasp, a rubber stopper, or any other provided locking mechanism.

Do People Put Pins On Backpacks?

Many individuals, including students, travelers, and fashion enthusiasts, embrace pinning badges and buttons on their backpacks. It allows them to showcase their interests, support causes, or display their collection of pins acquired from various events and places.

Do Pins Leave Holes?

Pins may cause small holes in your backpack fabric. This is especially true if they are pinned and removed multiple times from the same spot. However, these holes are generally minimal and easily concealed or repaired. Distributing the pins across different areas of the backpack is advisable to minimize the impact.

Can I Hide My Pins?

You can hide your pins if you prefer a more subtle or professional appearance. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Pin on the Inside: 

Attach your pins to the inside of your backpack, facing the fabric lining. This way, they will be hidden when the backpack is closed.

2. Use a Pin Board or Felt Insert: 

Create a pin board or insert made of felt or fabric and attach your pins. You can then slide the pin board or felt insert into your backpack’s dedicated pocket or compartment.

3. Attach Pins to Accessories:

Instead of directly pinning on the backpack, you can attach your pins to key chains, lanyards, or fabric patches. Accessories can be attached to your backpack with hooks or loops. This makes it easy to remove or conceal them when needed.

Where do you put pin badges?

You can put pin badges on your backpack wherever you like, based on your choice and style.Here are some popular options:

  1. Front Center: Attach pin badges to the front center area of the backpack for maximum visibility and impact.
  2. Sides and Pockets: Pin badges can be placed on the sides of the backpack or on pockets for a balanced and symmetrical look.
  3. Shoulder Straps: Utilize the shoulder straps of your backpack to showcase your pin badges, adding a unique touch to your overall style.

Consider the size and weight of the pin badges. This will ensure they don’t cause discomfort or imbalance when carrying the backpack.

Can you put pins on the backpack straps?

You can put pins on backpack straps, adding a stylish and personalized touch. However, it’s important to consider the comfort and functionality of the straps. Avoid attaching pins in areas that may cause discomfort or hinder the straps’changeable.

How do I keep my pin buttons from falling off?

To prevent your pin buttons from falling off, try the following tips:

  1. Secure Backings: Ensure you use secure backings, such as butterfly clasps or rubber stoppers, to keep the pins in place.
  2. Double Up: For added security, double up on backings using two butterfly clasps or a combination of a rubber stopper and a clasp.
  3. Regularly: Regularly check your pins to ensure the backings remain intact and tightly secured. If any become loose, reattach them or replace the backings if necessary.

How Do You Safety Pin Something Without it Showing?

If you want to safety pin something without it being visible, try these tips:

  1. Choose the Right Color: Select safety pins that match the color of the fabric you’re pinning. It helps them blend and be less seen.
  2. Position Strategically: Place the pin in a hidden location, such as a seam or pocket, where it is not easily visible.
  3. Cover with Fabric or Accessories: Use fabric patches, ribbons, or accessories to cover the safety pin, disguising it as part of the design.

Why Do Pins Cost So Much?

The pin’s cost can vary depending on design complexity, material quality, production technique, and brand reputation. Fancy pins, made well with good materials, and not many available, usually cost more. Branding and licensing deals can raise prices too.

What are the bags called that you can put pins on?

Pin bags, also called pin display bags, have fabric or cork-board surfaces for attaching and showing off pins. They offer a simple and neat way to display pin collections and protect the backpack material from harm.

Where is the best place to put enamel pins on a backpack?

The best place to put enamel pins on a backpack is a matter of personal preference and style. However, here are a few popular options:

  • Front center: Many people display their favorite enamel pins in the center of the front side of their backpack, as it’s a prominent location that catches attention.
  • Along the straps: Another popular choice is to attach pins along the shoulder straps of the backpack. This allows for easy visibility and adds a touch of realization.
  • Outer pockets: Consider decorating your backpack with pins if your backpack has outer pockets. It adds visual interest without overwhelming the main body of the backpack.
  • Top edge: Some individuals like to arrange their pins along the top edge of the backpack, creating a decorative border that adds character to the overall design.


How to Put Pins on a Backpack? Enhancing your backpack with pins is a great way to express your individuality. It also adds a touch of sophistication to your everyday items. This guide provides the insights and inspiration needed to decorate your backpack with pins.

Ensure your pins reflect your personality. Be sure to pack your backpack properly.

Lastly, display the pins attractively and imaginatively. Exercise some creativity and pay attention to the details to turn your backpack into a unique piece of art. Hence, seize the moment, commence pinning, and witness your backpack effortlessly embody your true essence!

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